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Tool Holder Bushings and Boring Bar Sleeves

Style "C"

Style C

Most popular tool holder bushing style, with an elongated slot to fit most CNC lathes. Available in inch and metric sizes

Style "CS" and "CV"

Style CS and CV

CV: Designed to fit in most VDI tooling to sleeve down bore size
CS:Short version of the “C” style tool holder bushing

Style "CA"

Style CA

Uses set screws in the bushing instead of a slot

Style "CX"

Style CX

Our patented combination style tool holder bushing that is both split and has a slot for set screw clearance

Style "Z"

Style Z

Has an elongated slot for set screw clearance and set screws in the head. Available in 3 lengths

Style "B"

Style B

Our most popular split style bushing

Style "J"

Style J

Designed for use in Warner and Swasey tool holders, one of the oldest styles of bushings or sleeves

Style "BJ"

Style BJ

A mix between the “B” and “J” style bushing getting the best of both worlds

Style "LB"

Style LB

Designed for Okuma CNC lathe models LB-15, LB-25, LU-15, and LU-25

Style "LBF"

Style LBF

Designed to fit popular models of Okuma CNC lathe turrets

Style "U"

Style U

Designed by Edward Andrews to fit Iscar Cham drills and many other coolant thru tools

Style "L"

Style L

Headless bushing or sleeve used to adapt drills, boring bars, or shank type tools to the standard bore of the turret or tool holder on the machine

Style "K"

Style K

Use these short split bushings with a series 25 tap holder

Boring Bar Sleeves

Boring Bar Sleeves

Ultra duty series boring bar sleeves are used everywhere in the CNC turning machine world, all of our boring bar sleeves have set screws

Tool Set Collars

Tool Set Colars

Used on any shank, sleeve, or boring bar to insure a perfect length set every time

Taper Drill Sockets (w/flat on shank - American Std.)

Taper Drill Sockets (w/flat on shank - American Std.)

Fits into the CNC lathe turret directly without using a bushing. Has a Morse taper bore to hold tapered drill shanks and tools directly

Taper Drill Sockets (Ultra Series)

Taper Drill Sockets (Ultra Series)

The full length sockets have 2 flats at 90 degrees which run the entire length of the shank. EDWARD ANDREWS ULTRA SOCKETS™ also feature the stepped head design for easy removal

Taper Drill Sockets (Short Series)

Taper Drill Sockets (Short Series)

A shorter version of the ultra series taper drill sockets

Revolving Stock Stop

Revolving Stock Stop

Stock stop with ball bearing for use when bar feeding