T.M. SMITH LCTH Tap Holder Morse Taper Shank

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T.M. Smith offers the widest assortment of Quick-Change Tap adapters in the market today. T.M. Smith Tool pioneered the Ball Drive tap adapter in 1970 and today the design still provides the highest torque available in a direct drive adapter.


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321-1-302-FT, 321-1-303-FT, 321-2-302-FT, 321-3-303-FT, 321-4-302-FT, 321-4-303-FT, 321-5-302-FT, 321-5-303-FT, 322-1-302-FT, 322-1-303-FT, 322-3-302-FT, 322-3-303-FT, 322-4-302-FT, 322-4-303-FT, 323-3-304-FT