T.M. SMITH TA-TD-ANSI Tap Adapters

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T.M. Smith offers the widest assortment of Quick-Change Tap adapters in the market today. T.M. Smith Tool pioneered the Ball Drive tap adapter in 1970 and today the design still provides the highest torque available in a direct drive adapter.


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61-106TD, 61-108TD, 61-110TD, 61-112TD, 61-004TD, 61-005TD, 61-006TD, 61-007TD, 61-008TD, 61-009TD, 62-006TD, 62-007TD, 62-008TD, 62-009TD, 62-010TD, 62-011TD, 62-012TD, 62-013TD, 62-014TD, 62-204TD, 62-206TD, 62-208TD, 63-012TD, 63-013TD, 63-014TD, 63-015TD, 63-016TD, 63-018TD, 63-020TD, 63-022TD, 63-212TD, 63-216TD